Why does the tiny University-owned Willard Airport charge me $25 for a check-in bag? Ever since I started taking flights, the first bag is always free. It is weird when I was asked to pay $25. Oh well, I instantly changed my mind because I didn’t wanna pay. What a pain that I can’t carry it on the plane since I have bottles of skincare products. Psh. What a rule. Fine, I will pay.

Okay. I am talking about a very small airport where you walk in and you see the ends of hallway and probably the security check is in sight as well.

One thing I really don’t like about small/regional airports is that they are too small and very boring, in most cases. No stores and no restaurants. Sometimes the bathrooms are horribly dirty and messy.
In some cases, the flights are always either late or early. Since small airports take jets instead of big aircraft, like Boeing 777,747, 767, less passengers allow the crew start to board later and take off earlier. This maybe a good thing, in a case.

For an instance, flights were always late in that regional airport. I showed up only half an hour earlier. But it was so empty when I walked in and no personnel was there to check me in. This was weird. Finally after a few minutes, one of them showed up and told me that i should have been at least an hour and a half ahead of the flight. To the regional airport? She must be kidding.

The flight took off half an hour earlier.

Oh well. I was lucky enough to catch the next flight, in 2 hours. Cool, I was in no rush and went to Denny’s for breakfast. But the pain was that I had to return to the downtown since there wasn’t anything in the airport.

Speaking of this, International airports are way much better. Stores, restaurants and bars, along with bookstores are everywhere. Very cool. I love them.

Even when you miss the flight, they can always find something for you asap. Awesome.

I like big airports also because I am mostly flying alone. Sitting in a corner in the the restaurants in the airport and watching people, I don’t feel like part of the crowd. I like to think while I watch them walk pass by, listen to what they say, look at what they do. I feel like I am in a movie.

It’s cool.

What a great weekend.

What do you say?

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