I never knew that I love being alone this much.

There’s always gossips where crowds are. Not that I don’t want to hear any gossips, I enjoy being alone more.

Finally I am living alone this semester. I have my own little apartment. It’s big for one, and it gets a bit crowded when a second person comes in.

I can walk out of the shower naked or I don’t even have to put any on if I don’t feel like to.
I can snore as loud as I can though I don’t snore. But if I do for some reasons, I won’t bother anyone. Isn’t it nice of me?
I can throw my stuff everywhere on the floor, on the table, on the couch, on the bed. No one will yell at me or hate me for being messy. But I just need to clean up when guests come.
I can turn up the music I like.
I won’t have roommate problems.

I like studying alone in the crowd. Watching other people is such a fun thing to do. I get to hear what they say, watch what they do. Sometimes I mock them in private. Sometimes I just disagree in heart of what they say. Sometimes I do hear stuff I would have never known if I didn’t hear from them, the strangers.

I like traveling alone. I fly mostly alone so far and I like it when I wander in huge airports. Airports are similar to bus stations. I tried to explain this to my parents. I don’t think they agree with how easy to find the terminals in airports. Well. I find myself full of ideas for writing when I travel alone.

I am a journalism student. I know I should be capable of teamwork, finding stories, and of course writing stories. I’ve been told I am much more an independent individual than a teamwork person. I agree, indeed. I guess I have to find a way to adjust to this.

Lately, there are too much going on. I am lost in all aspects but the only thing I know it’s always true that just to study hard and get good grades. I know, I know. It’s always true worldwide. Neglect of those recent crap, I shall study harder than before.

Some friends are enjoying their spring break this week. Mine won’t be until next weekend. Hopefully I get to get out of there and relax and get some sunshine. I am so sick of wearing my jackets, my scarfs and boots.

I like being alone. But I still love my friends.
I think it’s just a time now for me to be alone so that I know what I am doing, what I should do, and what will do.

One thought on “Alone.

  1. I liked this blog post… I like being alone, too. Even though sometimes I like to live with people, a lot of the time I think that I would really love to live alone, and be able to do whatever I want. I miss walking around completely naked too haha.

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