Meant to be.

I watched two movies in these two days.
It was the Norwegian Wood yesterday and A Single Man tonight. Both are great movies.

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I read the original novel, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, in the summer. It impressed me by how descriptive the details of the stories are. I felt like I was watching the movie. I could hear Toru Watanabe’s telling what had been going on with Naoko. Kizuki suicided at the age of 17 and Naoko hung herself on a tree at the age of 21. The novel is very aesthetic, even death.

The movie was on in Japan in last December. Press release about shooting the movie was almost a year and a half, or even longer, before the movie finally came out. I was expecting it. The director did a good job in compressing so much content into two hours. The movie is very detail in a way. But I felt like something was still missing after i finished the two-hour movie. Perhaps the novel is just too good.

One reason that they official release of the delay said it was due to the copy right of Beatle’s Norwegian Wood. Yes. This song waken Watanabe’s memories. It would be a shame if the movie was without the song. After all, it was all about the “I once had a girl.”

What I like the least of the movie, I would say, is the end. The scene was creepy. Naoko chose to die because it was too painful on one hand. On the other hand, she was reluctant to face the reality that Kizuki had ended his life. There were too many things they didn’t do, or mostly couldn’t. Memories can be pretty but can be burden as well. Neither the novel or the movie showed why Kizuki killed himself. I think Murakami wanted to leave us readers thinking.

He succeeded.
I still have many questions. I have doubts as well. (I was to put down my list of questions here. But it might be too long.)

I would recommend the book. Book is always better.


Tonight, I watched A Single Man.

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The background is set in 1960s and before 1960s in flashback. Besides the story, I noticed the fashion back then has returned in recent years. Clothing is becoming more simple in appearance. But if you are careful enough, you find details in there. Every cut, every button, even every string mean little something. In total, they became feature of the design and make the piece stand out.

The movie is basically one day’s life of George Falconer, who thought it was the last day of life and it turned out it was indeed his last day.

This movie shares with Norwegian Wood that they both started with someone’s death. And their deaths have left huge impact on the main characters.

George kept dreaming of Jim’s death from the car accident. It was a great detail that the death scene involved their pet. Jim envied the dog for it could just do what it wanted to. George, Jim and the dog’s death meant that no matter you were about to change, you can’t change, or you don’t want to change would eventually follow the fate. It’s meant to be.

Kenny was a student of George in the university. But their relationship wasn’t emphasized until the very end. It’s a pity. What if George lived? How would Kenny react when he woke up in the morning with the thought he saved George? Technically, Kenny did save George spritually but not physically. We, human, biologically, can never race with time. Time always wins. We, in this case, are losers.

Charly loved George. George loved Jim.
Lois loved Kenny. Kenny loved George?

A Single Man may not be too much appealing to you.  It is Colin Firth who played George. His recent movie, The King’s Speech, won the Oscar Award. This movie was from 2009.

When things happen, we always wonder what if these things didn’t take place. Well, then we start to pile up many unrealistic fantacies  in mind, until they collapse. Then what happen? It’s the reality knocking and remind us to live real and be strong. Living in thoughts is what the psychos do. They hear and see things don’t exist. But they must have gone through some tough past. I feel sorry for them.

Many things in life always make me ask those “what if” questions. Things that I mean more than books and movies really make my head spinning and make me dizzy. Too much is going on. I am just a mere fragile human with feelings.

Things are meant to be. This life, I am meant to go through all these different kinds of feelings. Next life, probably I will be meant to be something else.

Life is all meant to be, with our efforts.

What do you say?

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