Cancun, Mexico: Before I return to U.S.

The last blog post was about before my coming to Cancun. I know, I know, it is very strange that I am writing the “supposed” last blog post. It may be more understandable for you who read this if I wrote this while I sat in the airport and wait for the flight back to U.S.

Sorry for making this complicated.

I am sitting here by the reception desk because my room doesn’t have wireless signals. I sat by the poolside bar table before where the breeze was a bit too windy and chilly. Though it’s breezy, it’s nothing like the wind back in Illinois. The Illinois wind always freezes me to my bones. Here by the reception desk, it’s indoor, almost like a separate room.

A few homeless dogs are out there wandering and barking every night when I sit here and use the internet. Well, it’s not just a few. The woman who works here just counted. There were NINE dogs and they are all homeless. I hope they are friends and do not attack each other.

Tonight it’s abnormal among the nights I’ve stayed. I just walked to the door- a group for many homeless dogs. Poor dogs.

Here I am still in Cancun.

I remember I wasn’t shivering when I walked out of the plane. But by the time I got through the immigration and custom, I saw it raining outside and my baggage was wet on the luggage claim. I was sad and disappointed. It should have been sunshine all the time to welcome me to Cancun, NOT rain, please.

There I took my luggage and walk to find the bus shuttle center. I tried not to look lost. I think I failed miserably. I asked people.

Good news was that I found the Cancun Shuttle-a 30 plus-year-old man in an orange vest holding the bring orange and white sign of Cancun Shuttle. Yes. I would be on my way to my hotel.

No Espanol. English only please. I feel bad for people who had to talk to me.

I enjoyed myself these days. Here I really mean myself, I am here myself- plan myself a trip, company myself to places of interest, sit myself by the beach, watching the waves and the sky, treated myself some Magaritas and Corona Beer…

Taxi drivers always ask me, “you like Cancun, here?” They always speak with a very strong Spanish accent. I always first reacted with “huh” then I come to understand in a few seconds. I am always slow. By the time I understood and tried to respond to the question, they tried to speak Spanish to me and asked me if I spoke Spanish in Spanish.

“Sorry, no Espanol.” After I answer them, the ones who knows little English asked me where I come from, when I got here and would leave while the ones spoke no English would just drive.

I usually carry the cap and point to the destination and the location I got on the taxi. This is how I survive with zero Spanish.

It’s a challenge to get around but not much a big one. Is this the guts in the American language?

I am sitting here and realizing I am leaving tomorrow, back to the place with papers and readings, quizzes and tests (they are all endless). I will miss the days here while I did not think much and could be able to wear skirts, sandals and enjoy the sun shinning on me. The heat from the sun was too lovely for me to leave behind.

Really, I am leaving tomorrow. How sad!

What do you say?

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