Word 1: F_ _ _

As you just looked at the title, how would you fill the blanks? Or did you automatically assume it was the cursing one? If I told you that I don’t curse, would you believe me?

No! Not just me.
Don’t ever believe it when some one say that they don’t curse, or they’ve never cursed.
It’s a lie, obviously.
Yes, the F_ _ _  in the title ends with a K.

I checked Webster, as a verb, it refers to obscenity and links to copulate at the first definition. Under copulate‘s definition, I saw two links:

It reminds me of my mom telling me when I was young and always liked to ask where I came from. She said she found me abandoned by the dumpster and decided to raise me, so she took me home. I didn’t believe that I was abandoned by the dumpster, but I almost thought my real mom is another person. Kids are sensitive too! I remember telling my best friend Vanessa about this and she almost died laughing. It’s somehow funny that how my mom tried so hard to avoid telling me I came from her egg and my dad’s sperm.

I believe it’s an Asian thing (unfortunately, there are many versions from the Asian parents telling their kids how the parents get the kids who are not their kids, besides simply saying one word- SEX).

I am feeling that I am making this F_ _ _ blog post too loving. (I’m glad it’s loving.)

But when I clicked on the link and looked forward to how copulate is defined to kids, it actually says “to engage in sexual intercourse.” If kids don’t know what sex is, are they gonna understand what intercourse means? I doubt that. Besides, This explanation is only two words different from the one for the English-language learners,”to have sexual intercourse.”
ARE YOU kidding me?

Indeed, no. Kids should know what they should and will know. In this way, intercourse is a better word.

So when is “F” spoken and used?

Basically, it fits everywhere. It’s just too broad to give context or examples. But you can try fit it in a fun way, an awkward way, a ridiculous way, anyway you want.

I didn’t curse at all for almost two years. But one night I had a general meeting to go in early February. If you’ve lived in Champaign, you know it’s not fun to walk around at night- on the frozen sidewalks. It was ice all over. I couldn’t find the cafe in or around the Art and Design Building. My iPod told me its between the Art and Design Building and the Krannert Art Museum. These two are connected and only one door in between. The door was locked. Then I walked around these two buildings outside and looked for an unlocked door so that I could get in. The sidewalks really slicked, and I almost fell for so many times. I really had a hard time balancing. So basically I walked around the whole block!

I still couldn’t find it.

Guess what happened and what I said?

Don’t take me wrong. I am not writing to promote profanity. So many different ways are to let us make ourselves understood. We can just emphasize our the emotion.
For say “I love you”, adding it would make it better? Maybe.
Or you can try “I LOVE you.” (emphasizing LOVE)

But here, if you actually read through this blog post, I fucking LOVE you (because this sucks).

I hope this blog didn’t scare you.

If you even care, give me a word that I can write for the next blog post.
If you don’t, still come back and read the next one. :)

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