Word 4: Chicago

Yes. Still in Chicago. But I am leaving  in an hour and a half at 4 p.m. Hopefully the train arrive on time so that I can get back before it gets dark in Champaign.

Chicago is a nice city to visit. As a girl, or more likely a shopaholic one, I am in love with the Magnificent Mile on north Michigan Avenue and more than enough of the stores on State Street. Nice weather is always a plus for shopping outdoor. Unfortunately, Chicago is windy year around.

I still remember I came to Chicago with friends in 2008 before Thanksgiving. I already was a little sick with cold before I came. It was only November, and Chicago was already cold. The Chicago coldness isn’t only about the low temperature but also the chilly wind. Wind worsen the temperature. It only lowers the temperature. I got headache and I still have my cold when I returned to southern Illinois.

A few days later, I had a fever at night. My body was burning. I was in bed with layers of blankets but still cold. I really think that at some point of the night I had fainted. No kidding. Next day I woke up and looked into the mirror, finding my face and body full of red spots. I got chicken pox. Oh well well well, yes, chicken pox finally happened before I turned 19 at the end of December.

So far, only my host parents and the doctor had seen me with chicken pox, the very horrible and scary face. My friend one day wanted to drop off the math homework for me. I locked my self in my room and told him to leave it on the table while I stayed in my room until he left. Seriously, my parents didn’t even get to see how badly the chicken pox had ruined my face. I didn’t want to scare them. I was being a good person. Don’t judge me here.

I missed a week of school. But at the end of December, I stopped in Chicago. It was back to 50s and 60s, with the wind. It was a lot warmer than high 20s and low 30s at the end of November before Thanksgiving. How did it happened. It was really odd. Was it because of global warming?

Back now, I am still in chicago and sitting in Starbucks in the Barns and Nobles.

Can you believe it? It’s the end of may, it’s only 40s here. People still wrap themselves with winter jackets, scarfs and even wear boots. It’s unbelievable, especially to me, a person comes from sub-tropic zone. I have zero tolerance of coldness. I am not biased about Chicago. The fact that it’s still chilly like early winter at the end of May really really doesn’t please me.

I also don’t understand why two hours make such a difference. I live in Champaign now. It was 70s on Tuesday at noon. I wore shorts and a thin long-sleeve T-shirt. I thought it would be okay. I walked out of the Union Station and still thought it was going to be fine even though I saw people wearing jackets and hats. After a block or two, I finally had to change in McDonald’s and wrapped myself with my Cancun scarf, which was even more pathetic. That scarf reminded me of the high 80s in Cancun, the sun, the beach and all of the pleasant hot summer weather. I was pretty speechless of the weather of Chicago.

After all this lousy weather, I still like Chicago. It is a great city to walk around, and a lot are remained to be discover. Not only Chicago, indeed, urban cities are full of people with different backgrounds, stories and life. It’s just interesting.

Cars go by. People walking by on the other side of the glass window sometimes look at me sitting on the other side. I may be the stranger who stare at them, trying to think where they may come from and what had happened to them, say a minute or two ago. It’s like writing a novel in mind.

Time to go catch the train.

PS: I really write better, with efficiency as well, in the cities among the crowd. It’s awesome.

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