Word 5: Whimsical


I like this word. To me, it means the absurd creativity, or the ridiculous one in a reasonable way. It already sounds absurd because I am trying to define whimsical.


I always come with some awkward description of things, of people. Totally awkward that my friends don’t even bother to response to any of those, which is quite making me speechless as well. The very awkward moment…

I was trying to think of some whimsical descriptions I’ve made up but failed.

But if one’s become too whimsical, I’d like to start calling this one psycho. Maybe I already am. Life plays so hard on everyone. Sometimes it’s too realistic and cruel to be creative, whimsical in this case. You say something outta the social standard, you are screwed. You just fail like it. More likely, it’s just wether you fit in the society or not. Nothing we could do about it.  How pathetic. We are all pathetic… trying to please other people by sacrificing and losing ourselves.

Why are my blog posts getting shorter and shorter? I am not writing any better or any longer. I feel like I am failing.

Where are my whimsical thoughts and perspectives of my own life?

Life changes me.

What do you say?

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