Word 6: Difference

I always believe I can make a difference, at least to my own life and myself. Like these days, I really think I am living a different life by traveling with my buddy from middle school. So far, I have been sober and keeping my words I said before that I would stop drinking for these at least 18 days, July 1 to 18.

Yes, I believe I am making a difference so far, and I am loving it right now.

Sometimes making a difference is a very, or even extremely, difficult step and a painful process. Deleting my old Facebook account took me some time and quite much courage. Then the day came, and I finally got the guts to delete the account. It was glorious.

Many friends still may not find my disappearance on Facebook yet. It was permanently deleted yesterday. Prior yesterday, only close friends had noticed my disappearance. Some called while some texted.

All I explained to them was that it was complicated, too complicated to explain anything.

I felt like I’ve messed it up. I didn’t take the advice and took the wrong step. It was probably one of the wrongest thing I’ve done. It was my fault.

At least to me, it is different now. I knew what I wanted but it’s not meant to be mine. I don’t expect to know anything about it from then on. Let the past pass. It shouldn’t stay any way.

I am making some differences.
-So far, I have been sober for for 11 days. Never been away from alcohol for this long since school ended.
Alcohol has brought me into so much trouble and gossips. Really, I am not joking. It bothered me.

-I pierced my tragus.  I have always wanted it but never got the guts to do it until the very end of June. I was totally terrified while I was waiting for it. But it’s worth it. I want one tragus pierce, and only I know what it means to me. :) I still love this pierce.

-I am a selfish person. Therefore, I am choosing what I am hearing about, who I listen to and what I do with what I hear and know. Secretes remain secrete. I will not tell what I am not supposed to tell. But from now on, I will try not to know much. I should be satisfied and live on my own. After all, I can only count on myself, not anybody else.

Some difference takes time, maybe a few seconds, a few minutes, or could be a lifetime. Who knows. This is also a fun part of life that it is indeed unpredictable and remains unknown till the present tense. It challenges us ALL the time, and I hate it.

Making difference is important.
Wouldn’t it be boring if you live exactly the same everyday? Repeat, repeat, and repeat. Well, it’s all up to you.

What do you say?

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