Word 7: Moving

Constantly packing would be my recent status, seriously.

I have been traveling for a month and finally came back. But soon in a week, I am moving out of my apartment. I am, however, a little sad about moving out. Somehow, I think I may regret it because I do enjoy living alone so much.

Packing isn’t and won’t be my thing. These few days, I wake up in the massive mess and continue the endless packing and cleaning, slowing processing. Why do I not like packing so much? I think it’s because I am not into organizing stuff.

Hmm… I think so.

What am I to do with this ultimate and endless mess in my apartment?

I am moving into a four-bedroom apartment with some friends. I am hoping it will be a good year. Otherwise, I don’t know. In fact, I don’t know if there’s an alternative “otherwise.”

I have tried to make myself productive in writing. But so far, I think I’ve failed. Failed!

What do you say?

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