Phrase 1: The Dark Side

I didn’t curse before. But now I occasional do.

The dark side is very attracting, almost magnifying.

I never drank this often before. But I almost drank everyday in the summer until drunk, sometimes even wasted.
I could never ignore trash and dirty dishes. But I learn to accept their existence.
I hate to get to dislike a person. But now I can hate whomever I don’t like.
I never missed any class before, not even when I had a hangover. But now I get lazy at times.

Why is the dark side so fancinating?

Everyone has his or hers wilderness at heart. It takes a while to come to face this adventure, sometimes a lifetime.

Sometimes I do things that are totally wrong. I knew it before I did it. I seriously knew it. But I still did it just because it’s on the other side. I know I would cross the line to the dark side. The dark side is sometimes challenging and sometimes just morally wrong. For a few times or so, I didn’t know I had drowned myself in such great trouble. Almost drowned. Thank god counseling helped and dug me out. Otherwise, I would have been drowned dead, a withered heart.

Those trouble taught me valuable lessons. I would never drown myself like that again. It’s a trap. And now I can recognize every one of them. Can’t trick me. And I know how terrible and horrified I feel about it.

I was said to be an over-responsible person. I care so much about others. (yeah, sometimes very true. But I know I am selfish at the same time.) Well, “care” may not be the word I should use. I perhaps think of people whom I shouldn’t be thinking of. One of the great lessons I learned is to care less. Frankly, let go.

The dark side is very interesting. I would like to share with you my views. But I know this is wrong and don’t want you to step in and drown.

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