Word 11: Food

Oh Food, what a general word!

I know. The food in the photo loos so good. Indeed, it’s good.

I am not  too picky. If I say I am not picky, someone would probably start thinking of examples of food that I may dislike. Well, of course, everybody has his/her own likes and dislikes. What do you expect. But I always love to try. At least I tried and you didn’t!

I eat when I’m stressed.
I eat more when I’m more stressed.

I think of food all the time. But I do try to eat healthy. I love pizza, hamburgers, grilled meat… Oh all these are making me drool.

I am actually in the middle of designing a flyer for my internship. But I am, sorta, stuck now. So I kinda wanna eat.

One thing I love UIUC campus is the food. On Green Street, you will find almost everything you can have: Chipotle for Mexican food,  Noodles and Company for fast American Asian food, Sushi Avenue and Sushi Rock for American Japanese and Korean food, Mandarin Wok and Evo for Chinese food and some bars have good salads and burgers as well. It’s very convenient, and I love it. Illini Union basement also has a food court, though the hours are not too flexible.

There’s a difference in food, in the matter of taste, quality, quantity, looks, and even freshness.

Some actually do have a direct proportion with the price. Higher price, better food. Yeah… sometimes. But sometimes, especially in some townie places, you will be able to find some very good food in a cheap price. There’s no need to go to Chicago, or big cities, for some fancy and stars-rated restaurants.

Food is good because you like it, not because of the reviews.



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