This is a digression. Though it’s a word, it is NOT part of the word project


Yes, this is just a digression. Digression is just like an awkward interlude in the movie, failing to make the movie smoother. So, here I am having this digression, and it’s very irritating.

I hate guys who are like girls. Girls/women are known to change their minds very frequently. But if you, as a guy, change your mind just like girls/women, oh geez, please stop. It’s very annoying. Can’t you make up your damn mind and decide? I know, I know, sometimes we are a pain. But it IS way more painful when you men behave like girls. Dude, you’ve got a brain. USE IT and THINK.

Yes, girls sometimes don’t explain well enough. Even if we explained enough, would you still believe it? If we are being too honest, then you say we are not cute or we are too honest. When we are trying to be hintful, you say we are not telling you what we want. Oh geez, WHAT THE HECK DO YOU WANT?


There are men out there are like women.

Please. Just let women be women and men be men. We say what we want and we give what we want to each other. This is much better. STOP guessing around. This is not fun at all.


There are also men who claim to be man but still behave and think like women.

Please. Who are you really? Why would you want a girlfriend to decided everything for you? Can’t you make up your mind? Don’t you know what you really want? Why do you even need another person?


There are also men who think they are men but are women indeed.

You don’t now what’s wrong right? You are a woman and this is it.


After all, I still like you, which makes me feel so stupid. I like you, and this is it.

What do you say?

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