New York Day One

I have been to New York twice before. Funny thing is that I always think this would be the last time I come to New York. However, there is always the next time. Yes, here I am again this week.

I am visiting with my journalism professor and other classmates. Studying journalism in the middle of nowhere isn’t fun. There’s no exciting stories. What’s worse, there is no network or connection with other journalism people. The closest we could go is probably Chicago. And here we are to achieve this and make some connection with the professional and experienced.

Though I have been here twice before, I’ve never flew here before. First time in 2006, I took the bus from Michigan and toured Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Delaware. Then in 2010, I came with my friends whom are close to me like family. We drove here all the way from Champaign, Illinois. It took so long! Of course, the drive back to Illinois was long as well. I felt like it took forever.

But this time I flew here. It’s a lot shorter. Today I looked at New York from above. The skyscrapers are amazing. Perhaps I have been in the rural flat cornfield in Illinois for too long. Nowadays when I visit big cities, I always can’t get my eyes off the blinking lights, skyline and the busy people walking by.

All these inspire me to write stories. They inspire me to dig news out of the people. I suddenly feel charged full of battery and ready to go.

I walked from 8th Avenue to 5th Avenue. I felt free. I bought a chicken gyro and ate it as I walked around.

One thing I love about big cities like New York is its diversity. Sometimes we complain how differences makes life unfair. But think about it, the diversity only makes it fairer, not the other way around. We, human, the unsatisfied specie, always complain about what we have and greed for what we don’t have. For instance, we complain about low income and wish for more wealth. But look around what you are surrounded, your family, your friends, etc. Money can’t buy you these priceless memories with these people.

I am now just sitting in lobby with my pajamas, crossing my legs on the couch. It’s not the most comfortable position to write. But it’s good for now.

Tonight we visited ABC World News’ site. I just found that jobs are so easy and hard to find at the same time.

The employers of course prefer applicants know as much as possible, the more the better. However, we are not taught everything in school. Hence, we almost start learning everything again at the entry level job or on the internship. This is very understanding of the employers. However, this is where competition exists.

It’s totally not difficult for us applicants to confess that we don’t know this skills and we look forward to leaning it from this opportunity. But if another applicant said that he/she is capable in doing something that I am not, I guess he/she will be taken, not me. Logically, we will eventually need to equip ourselves with ALL kinds of skills.

Passion and interest is also a plus in the application. This isn’t surprising. These two elements add extra energy and love into the job. It’s almost like looking for a dream job. It’s just sometimes people won’t realize how much they love the job until they fully devote themselves into it. Then they realize, “oh I actually love this and don’t get tired of it.” Or it could go the other way, unfortunately. And hopefully by the time you figure out whether you like it or not, you’ve learned enough from your boss and colleagues, like a sponge fully absorbed water.

Tomorrow will be a full day from early morning to evening. I am now heading back to the room and rest.

Good night.


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