My love story with Kimchi

The spicy green onion Kimchi

Kimchi is a very Korean traditional side dish. Once I was told, Koreans bring Kimchi with them on trips. They must love Kimchi so much! Well, you can see I was the one who thought they were crazy for doing so. But now I am almost as crazy as them: I fell in love with Kimchi.

I started working in a Korean restaurant last October. And that was when I fell in love with Kimchi.

The funny part of our love story was that I didn’t like spicy food. Excessive spicy food actually makes me sick from coughing and asore throat. Cough and I don’t get along. The coughing viral stays in my body for at least two weeks before it gets better. Therefore, I try to avoid spicy food.

Kimchi is a must-have item on the dinner table. When Kimchi’s missing, something’s wrong. IT’S NOT NORMAL.

There are so many kinds of Kimchi, cabbage Kimchi, green onion Kimchi, radish kimchi, oyster kimchi, etc. Some of them are very spicy, like green onion Kimchi. Its own spice will add to the chile powder that will make the kimchi extra spicy. But it’s so good with rice. Rice is a little chewy compared to the crispy Kimchi. This combination is heavenly delicious.

I indeed prefer cabbage Kimchi more. It’s equally sour and spicy. Yet, the sourness also balances the spiciness from chile powder and garlic. Cabbage Kimchi goes with pork and tofu. Today I had cabbage Kimchi with garlic chicken soup. The soup was just of boiling water and chicken with garlic. It’s a very natural and rich soup. Chicken is slightly tasteless. I mean, all the chicken’s taste has gone to the soup. Chicken is good with Kimchi or a mix of pepper and salt. Very good.

Summer has come, and I don’t work in the Korean restaurant any more. I just miss Kimchi so much. I sometimes go there and just order Kimchi soup, which has

Sour and spicy cabbage Kimchi

plenty of kimchi and some pork. Kimchi, kimchi, how am I gonna live without you when I return home next month? So I am wondering if I could pack some Kimchi with me.

Yes, I love Kimchi this much that I’ve eaten too much and my body has learned to accept it.

My love for Kimchi has grown so much in the past months, more than I like any body in the past months. Kimchi, my soulmate. Do I seem a little psycho right now? 

Actually, not everybody likes Kimchi. Some may find it hard to accept the sour and spiciness. Some think it just tastes weird like expired can pickled cabbage. Well, Kimchi is pickled. But the ingredients of the pickled sauce keep the cabbage or green onion still fresh and crispy. You could also add in raw oyster.

Like it or not, at least give it a try. Then you will have no regrets, whether it’s a decision of food or life adventure. Falling in love with Kimchi may have become one of my most wonderful life adventure.

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