A quick update

I took my friend to Chicago on the labor day weekend. Of course, I took him to Giordano’s for deep dish pizza. I love the cheesy pizza. Yum

Yup, this will be a quick update, after almost a 3-month disappearance on my own blog.

I had a busy summer before I returned home, China, on July 10. I stayed for six weeks, rested, and did absolutely nothing for six weeks besides having fun with my family and friends. It’s always good to see them again.

Then I came back for school, my last year of college.

Then my friend came visit and stayed for two weeks, which was also the first two weeks of school.

Then I have to catch up with the first two weeks in the third week of school.

Now the third week had gone, and the fourth week starts tomorrow. Dang it, I am not ready yet.


But I will blog about the food I had in Chicago. They were all awesome food.


To be continued…

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