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My six-week vacation in China was fun. The fun includes hanging out with family members and friends and having some good food at home. Home makes everything so much better. I really like it; especially I don’t get to go home in China often. My home is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

I am not a fish person. But I love salmon. I know, I know, it’s such a contradiction. I like salmon because it doesn’t have that bloody fishy taste. I got the impression from my mom’s way of steaming the fish with ginger, green onion, oil and soy sauce. I never like it that way. So I never eat fish at home. Fish is a common dish in China. People LOVE fish. It’s a must-have item on a dinner table in an eat-out occasion.

I usually say, “I don’t usually eat fish.”
Then my friends would ask, “so when do you eat fish?”
“I eat fish when they don’t taste fishy,” I say.

I also went to Shanghai for a weekend. It was a rush trip. I stayed with my friend on the first night and with my aunt the next day before I returned home. I was in Shanghai for 3 days and 2 nights. It takes about 20 hours to get to Shanghai from Guangzhou by train. It was a five-day trip actually. And, I was all by myself.

During my stay in Shanghai, I told my friends and aunt, “please take me to eat.” I wanted to try different food. Different kinds of dumplings, buns, chicken, soup, bread and noodles. They were so delicious. I wish I could blog. But WordPress is banned in China. So blame the Internet censorship.

This semester, I have my own apartment for myself. I love it so far. I can fart as loud as I can. There’s no need to close the bathroom door. I can throw everything everywhere literally. And I will, of course, enjoy cleaning up later. I like cleaning my apartment.

The windy fall is here. The wind caught me, and I am having a cold, fever, and soar throat.
But I really wanted to updated this blog. So it’s still a brief one.

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