Stress and Relief

The ones who know me in person often realize how fast I get stressed from work, school and internship. Honestly, I think I am a better person when I am stressed (well, I’m not mean).

I like stress in the way that it pushes me to a further boundary where I really need to think more and be creative. I like challenges. However, sometimes I do break down from stress, especially when all the projects, articles, essays and meetings are due at the same time. That’s the worst part. Then I always feel like the sky is falling on me.

Planner has been a part of my life for a while now. Everything is marked there so I have a plan to follow. You won’t believe how full my schedule looks like. I am planing my November already. No kidding.

So now, dissolve your stress. Here’s how I kill mine.

1. Take a bath

Now that I live alone and have my own bathroom and bathtub, of course, I go to YouTube and play videos or even some movies when I take a bath. Then I go straight to bed and sleep like a baby.

Bath salt is a plus. You can also give yourself a massage. All kinds of bath salt are sold online and in-store. Recently, I find these two very relaxing.

Dr. Teal’s Bath salt are sold in drugstores like CVS. It’s $6.99 +tax.


I’ve used it for a while. You put 2 cups of salt in the running hot/warm water. This is very affordable because the bath salt that The Body Shop sales is $28 + Tax. I don’t know how much of that you put in there. But the one from the Body Shop is a little box. It seems to me it’s about 2-3 times usage. It’s expensive. If someday when I start working and earning my own money, I will give it a try.

You can find Dr. Teal’s in CVS and Wal-Mart for sure. I am not sure about Walgreen. But you can definitely check.
MUST-KNOW about taking a hot bath:

Hot bath is good for 10 minutes while warm bath is good for about 20 minutes.

And Don’t let the water level rise over your heart. The heat and water pressure will accelerate your heart beat. Bath’s supposed to be relaxing. When you feel the heat on your face and start sweating, it’s a signal of getting out of the tub. Take a refreshing cooler shower. :)

2. Think Nothing

Thinking nothing is actually possible. Men do that all the time. Regardless of gender, thinking nothing is absolutely helpful to free your mind from stress for some time.

But don’t just sit and think nothing. Go out to a park closer by or the neighborhood for a walk. If you have a car, drive around. Or, this is what I do at times, to take the bus from the start to the end. Just let the bus take you. Watch people. Watch the trees on the road.

Stress comes from an overload of agenda and thinking. Free your mind. Women, indeed, have too much in mind.

3. Have a drink

Simply, just have a drink, including water. Not just alcohol. Take a sip, let it slowly float to your throat and enjoy the taste of it. Stress makes us forget the beautiful details of living a life. Stress promotes hardworking. You only live once. Why not just enjoy it for a bit? Sit down on the balcony and enjoy the sunshine on every inch of your skin while you have your drink in hand. Looking up at the sky then you realize how tiny and meaningless everything else is.

4. Exercise. Go work out.

The mental fatigue caused by stress is the thing I hate THE MOST. It always reminds me the unfinished task at the middle of the night, or wakes me up in the early morning with a list of agenda to finish. I don’t sleep well when I am stressed.

So I go work out and get physically tired. Some people multitask when they exercise so that they can get things done. Well, if you aren’t that stressed, it’s okay. But there’s always a break-point. Don’t wait till it’s breaking or broken to give yourself a vacation.

I swim half an hour straight. Rest. And swim 15 minutes straight. Then I am good for the night. No more light sleep.

Also, if you are having a vacation, turn off alarms and cellphones.




My hell week of exams is coming in two weeks. For the ones who graduated and recently working, you no longer are under the list of making the due day/deadline. But you know, the best way of avoiding stress is planing and have things done before deadline.

Enjoy your mid-terms. :)

or Enjoy your meetings and your boss at work. :)

I hope my little tips will help you survive the stress.

2 thoughts on “Stress and Relief

  1. I totally agree! Baths are one of my favorite things ever, actually, and lately I haven’t been able to take baths at all. :( (the tub at the place I’m living will leak really badly into the basement if I take a bath)

    I also find that tea is soothing, reading, watching a funny TV show, and also taking a break to go out with friends. Having a rant session with friends helps get a lot off your chest! :)

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