Think big and aim it.

Took me almost a week to write up this blog. Really. Not that I don’t know what to write about, it’s more like I don’t know how to write out my thoughts. I had way too much in my mind.

So this semester, I started to hustle. Hustle sounds funny to me at the beginning. My friend Cheng started using the word for networking and meeting new people. Soon enough, without my noticing, I start using the word “hustle.” We are both in the same student organization, Student Association for Social Entrepreneurship, SASE. Along with other members, we hustle hard to expand our connection and social network.

As a journalism student, I always thought I knew more than other students. But not until I joined SASE that I learned that the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign provides so much resource for students. It’s sad that I didn’t find out until my senior year. So now I can still make FULL use of the information and resource.

One of the useful extracurricular activities is to attend those different workshops held by different organizations. The Technology Entrepreneur Center holds different events through out the semester. Last Thursday evening, I went to a leadership workshop featuring Katherine Imp. In order to fulfill her dream, she graduated a semester early from law school. She shot a film called Beauty Beneath the Dirt, a documentary of hiking Appalachian Trail with her brother and her best friend.

One line she said in the trailer struck me, “I used to tell people I preferred traveling alone…” But she said this in a very sad and alone tone. No doubt Kate is a leader and adventurer in real life. But communication is also a key to success. If there were nobody, how would you perfect communication?

In her leadership workshop, she stressed the importance of planing and scoring goals. Planing helps organize tasks. At the end, it’s not the goals you achieve that you learn from but the process of applying your skills to score the goal. The process of making efforts is also the process of rethinking of the matter and way to succeed.

My greatest adventure so far in my life is living in Illinois by myself. I am alone in this country! My family and friends are all back in China. Living and studying here really is a great journey so far. And I’ve never thought that I could come so far by myself. I have my friends and am expanding my own network. Soon when I graduate in May 2013, I hope to find my own job. I don’t know what will happen later. But I really will want to see things work out.

Depending on different cultures and backgrounds, people will have different definitions for guts and adventure. But in general, it’s the courage to step out of your own comfort zone and try new things, like things you’ve never done or never thought to accomplish.

Very soon, I want to share my experience in working on this project, It will help high school students with their college choice. In other words, it promotes higher and better education for different individuals. This project is taking me on to a new journey of my senior year because I get to do so many different things to promote this. At the same time, I also do my best to promote this. Find out more about on its homepage. :)

What do you say?

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