The Last Spring Break!


Why travel on Spring break?

I have set up many goals this semester, such as saving money, finding a job or internship after graduation and expanding my network.

Some start planing Spring break traveling as early as in winter vacation. In order to save money, I thought I was to stay on campus and do intensive job search and apply to millions of jobs and internships. This will at least save me a few hundred dollars. But last month, my friends invited me to visit Washington D.C. with them. I hesitated.

I always love traveling. I see it as a learning opportunity. As an international student here, I want to see more of the American culture. I went on a road trip last year with a friend in Utah and Arizona, driving between mountains and by the creeks. The nature had taught me a lot and somehow inspired me to try different things while young. On the way from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Page, Arizona, we ran into a snow storm. Three hours of driving in the snow with extremely low visitability was actually tiring. But now I am a much better driver.


Washington D.C. is one of the most important cities in this country. It has so many museums and memorial parks. All of them are very educational. During late March, Washington D.C is also known for its National Cherry Blossom Festival. This traditional festival, started from 1912 when Japan gave 600 trees to the United States, is a celebration of Spring’s arrival.

I hesitated because traveling isn’t cheap. One of my goals this semester is to save money. It’s already difficult to save money in college. Every month, I pay rent, utility and grocery. This semester, I eliminated clothes and accessory shopping. I avoid the mall and notification emails. I have been good so far. I rather spend those money on food that will give me a healthier lifestyle. Yet, I realize I have enough clothes for a while. I don’t need more. I wasn’t sure if I had a budget to travel.

This trip is different because one of my friends is from Washington D.C, and we will stay with his family in the city, which saves the accommodation cost. That’s about three hundred dollars already. This is very kind of him and his family. For college students, if you have friends from other cities, why not have your friend be a guide for you. It’s actually fun to travel with friends. It’s a different kind of fun than traveling alone.

America is known as a big melting pot. I believe Washington D.C. is one of the major melting pots that full of different culture and interesting stories. As a journalism student, I am always curious to learn about other people and their culture. Some people indeed want to share their lifetime lessons and stories. Why not? You never know who you will end up meeting or even becoming friends with. Wildly thinking, I may even meet Obama there. Who knows.

After a few days, I called my friends and told them I would love to join them on Spring break in Washington D.C. Not only will I be in a warmer city but also will meet different people and learn more. Why not travel on my last Spring break and have fun and learn at the same time? I am game.


What do you say?

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