While I am supposed to share with you my exciting plans for spring break 2013, I decide to tell you my awesome trip last March. It was a 5-day road trip with my friend starting from Salt Lake City, Utah to Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

If you are also thinking about exploring the nature in the west, you can also consider this plan. It was great. I will be glad if you find this helpful.

Day 1: ORD-SLC

Travel Packing Guide

Air Fare: Average $300 Round-trip (Direct flight: approximately 3 hr 30 minutes)

I fly so often that I sometimes think it’s just a bus that flies in the air. It’s nothing exciting about flying. Therefore, I always bring entertainment with me. Here’s a packing guide I made a while ago.

Please don’t overpack if you don’t have to. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid due to the purposes, length and weather of traveling. For example, since I was going on a road trip into the mountains in March, I had to pack winter clothes, boots, all kinds of winter gears.

Nowadays, most of the airlines charges average $25 for checking in the first bag.
$$Saving Tips: When travel in group, one can pack the liquid products in one suitcase and check that in rather than checking all your bags. You all can split the cost of $25 to $30 bucks. But the condition here is all other bags are the carry-on size. Otherwise, you just have to check in your bags.

Pack light, travel well.

Honestly, three-hour flight isn’t bad at all. For those who travel internationally periodically, like me, you gotta bring something fun with you to the long flight. When I fly from Hong Kong to Chicago, I always bring books and magazines, download movies in my laptop and keep it under the seat in front of me, download fun apps and games in my iPhone, my journal to write on and the neck pillow (Must-have for long flights and bus rides).

Last, but not the least, wear comfy clothes and shoes. If you are so comfy in your 5-inch heels, that’s fine with me. I really like my sleepers and ballet flats.

When we arrived, we rented a car and explore the city a little. We went back to the Hotel and rest early because we had a long day of driving coming. AN ENTIRE DAY OF DRIVING.

Day 2: SLC- Page, Arizona


But the scenery was awesome. My friend Catherine found the hidden highway 12 that cut through the mountains.

WARNING: this is not an accurate illustration of Highway 12 of Utah. Please goole map it. It will show you where it exactly is.

WARNING: this is not an accurate illustration of Highway 12 of Utah. Please google map it. It will show you where it exactly is.

We drove on 89, then 24, then 12, then back on 89 for the rest of the drive that took us to our second destination: Page, Arizona.

Highway 12 was awesome because it cut through a few national parks and we were able to stop by and take pictures. We stopped by many times on highway 12 and Bryce Canyon National Park before sunset as well.

Mountain views were stunning, especially I’ve lived in the Great Plains of America for a few years. Driving up and down wowed me. It was fun driving on the curves, too.

It was absolutely gorgeous. But it was a crazy drive because on Highway 12, we were caught in a snowstorm. Visibility was destroyed by snow. Only one lane was drivable, which means I had to pull over when a car or the salt truck was driving towards me.

You gotta have enough gas for the highway 12 though because highway 12 and 89 was literally in between mountains and forest. 

Day 3: Page – Grand Canyon

It was late when we arrived in Page, Arizona. It was a very long day of driving. It was once very warm and then dropped below 32 and came the snowstorm.

Highway 89 was very cool if you drove by during the day. There are cool rocks on the side and arches. But it was getting so late that we couldn’t get any pictures of it.

We stayed the night and the next day, we went on a tour in Page before we took off for our final destination, Grand Canyon National Park. We stopped by Lake Powell, Horse Shoe Band and the Antelope Canyon.

The Antelope Canyon was in the middle of nowhere and unfortunately you have to pay to visit the canyon. It was about $70 admission. A truck will take the group of tourists onto the bumpy and sandy road to the entrance. A tour guide will tell you how much the canyon had been through. It was once flooded where a tree was stuck on top between the canyon. The wavy walls were wavy and cold. I have way more photos of this trip. But they are also draining my library storage. I

I have way more photos of this trip. But they are also draining my library storage. IF you are interested, email me or comment on this. I will let you know more.

Now, flip to Part II for Grand Canyon National Park.

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