While I am supposed to share with you my exciting plans for spring break 2013, I decide to tell you my awesome trip last March. It was a 5-day road trip with my friend starting from Salt Lake City, Utah to Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

If you are also thinking about exploring the nature in the west, you can also consider this plan. It was great. I will be glad if you find this helpful: Road trip Part I.

Day 4: Grand Canyon

In the summer of 2011, I went to the west rim of Grand Canyon, which was newer than the south rim in Arizona. I have to the say the south rim is much more awesome. It’s of a bigger scale. We were able to arrive at the Grand Canyon before sunset the day before. There are view points after the entrance where you can park and stop and enjoy the view.

It also has another route that you must take the buses provided from the park. It’s free. (Well, it’s actually included in the entrance admission.)

we had a lazier day: left the hotel before noon and started touring with the bus and stayed until sunset. Sunset at Mather Point was very cool because the color of canyon changed. It was orange, then red, then purple-blue… It was very colorful. Many profession photographers stay hours to take the perfect shot.

Day 5: Grand Canyon – SLC

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 7.22.13 PM

We took Highway 89 from Arizona to Utah, then Highway 9 to stop by Zion National Park, then Interstate 15 to return to Salt Lake City.

Another day of driving. This time, we stopped by at Zion National Park. This park is awesome for summer camping and hiking. In the summer, the creek will also turn into a river. We didn’t have that much time so we stopped by and drove around the park. It has a very cool tunnel. Yet, its driveway was perfectly paved. It was on our way back to Salt Lake City. So why not stop by? I will for sure  go back and visit again.

We took off from Highway 89 to Highway 9 that cuts through Zion National park then we took Interstate 15 to get back to Salt Lake City.

Day 6: SLC -ORD

Catherine and I at the Antelope Canyon, AZ

It was sad to leave the mountains and go back to the cornfield. Driving in Illinois is guaranteed the most boring driving experience you can have. All roads are straight and flat. But it’s definitely safe compared to the up-and-down curvy mountain roads.

Many thanks to Cahterine, who took a lot of pictures and drove with me. It was an awesome trip.

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