Note: I am writing this post in Salt Lake Airport because we are currently stuck here for the plane’s got some technical issues. I will continue to write about my tour in Yellowstone.

I am graduating!

I graduated!!

Finally, I graduated  and am glad to have my folks with me. So we went on a road trip.

As mentioned in the last post, our first stop was Salt Lake City and Yellowstone. My folks have never been here before and they loved Yellowstone National Park. In regards to flight prices, I recommend Google Flight. Always book early! With Google Flight, you can search within a period of preferred travel dates so that you can find the price or time  that best suit your plan.

Otherwise, there are many travel reservation websites, such as Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia, etc. They are all more or less the same. Sometimes it does help to compare prices if you have you a tight budget. It’s also cheaper to book and travel on weekdays instead of weekends.

We left for Salt Lake from Chicago. Salt Lake (This is what people called Salt Lake City in short) is much warmer than Chicago. My folks come from Foshan, three hours northwest of Hong Kong, where average annual temperature is in high 60s. It was quite chilly for all of them. My mom took my winter jacket for this trip. Well, she’s just not a winter person.

We also rented a full size, 7-passenger, Chevy Suburban for five days and four nights for about 1,200, excluding gas. Not cheap. But we have to fit about 10 suitcases in the back and it all fit. The drive wasn’t bad. We chose the fastest way to get to the cabin, taking 15 North then 20 West. For somebody like me, who have lived in Illinois for the past few years, I get so excited when I drive on curvy and hilly roads and enjoy the mountain view on the side.

We have seven people in total on this trip. Hotels in Yellowstone is about $200 per room each night. With all of us, we need three rooms and stay for four nights. The math here is $200 x 3 x 4= $2,400. Even if the room price drops down to $150, it would cost $1,800. So I thought maybe it’d be fun to rent a cabin by the mountain where we could all stay together. I found Mountain Homes and got a cabin of five rooms for a four-night stay for $1,500! It was such a good deal. They have various locations. The one I rented located in West Yellowstone. Literally, it was about 15 minutes west of Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming in Montana. This cabin is about 10 minutes from town where grocery stores and gift stores are. It was a nice stay.




Too be continued…

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