Yellowstone National Park (South loop)

The main two routes to go around Yellowstone National Park is the northern and southern circle.

The main two routes to go around Yellowstone National Park is the northern and southern loops.

It did take me sometime to update my road trip in May. I have just gotten pictures from my photographer friend. Hopefully will share with you some Gorgeous photos soon!

You can view this map online via this link.

I found a cabin in West Yellowstone, which is about 20 minutes drive from the west entrance. (It’s very close!) The entrance fee for Yellowstone National Park and the Grant Teton National Park is $25 in total for 7 days. If you have plans to go to Grant Teton as well, please ask for a map at the entrance.

Before entering the park, please pump some gas in your car before it goes out. It’s not that there’s no gas station in the park. But it would save you time since you have to stop all the time for pretty views. Why waste at the gas station? So get gas before you go in. And prepare an additional driver at least if you are not too professional at long-distance driving.

The Southern loop is slightly bigger than the northern loop.

Be honest with you, I always appreciate mountains because I live in the flat land of America, Illinois. I see endless cornfields and squirrels everyday. Not like in the mountains, I see bigger birds, elks, bears and bisons. I am getting excited to share with you this trip in Yellowstone. Like I mentioned before, this was my graduation trip with my parents and their friends. They come from Foshan, southern China, where the annual average temperature is high 60’s F.

When we arrived at West Yellowstone on May 13, from our cabin, we could see the mountain top covered with snow. It was very pretty especially at sunset and sunrise.

On May 14, we started our first day in Yellowstone. We toured the South Loop on the first day. It was a big loop! It took us a full day. It was cold in the morning, hot at noon and chilly in the late afternoon by the time we returned to our toasty cabin.

Seeing bisons was definitely an exciting part. My experience from entering the park three times in a row is that the bisons go to the river in the morning and go back to the mountain in late afternoon and early evening. They tend to block the road by walking in the center. So if you see traffic jam, it’s probably because bisons are walking slowly in front of the cars. Also tourists try to stop, or drive slowly, to take some close-up pictures of bisons, or whatever wildlife they see on the road.

With Old Faithful, there’s a formula to predict. They have the time in the lobby. So check. If you have time, there’s also a burger restaurants nearby within walking distance. But of course, you can wait there as well. The burger restaurant is quite busy at noon. I waited about 20 minutes (But I also have 7 orders of burger and fries).

Although I say I am a summer person, I am not sure if I would like Yellowstone in the summer. Tourism in May is a beginning. From June, when the secondary schools release their teenagers, tourism rise rapidly. I prefer to enjoy the scenes quietly. Tourists come from all over the world to peak at Yellowstone’s preserve forest beauty and wildlife. I just would prefer to stay away from the crowd. In addition, if you are a TRUE summer person, unlike me, who would enjoy the lake or walk in the mountains, July is the best for you then.

I have just gotten some pictures from my professional photographer friend from China. So I am currently editing all of them. The photos below are from my little digital camera. But do enjoy. :)

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