My journey with Journalism not yet to end

I am working in a management training program and learning about sales and marketing, with my journalism degree and history minor.

Bottom line, I am working on my people and communication skills now.

In my senior year in college, which isn’t that long ago, I became extremely interested in public relations. However, without knowledge in marketing and business, I actually find it hard to enter the industry. And no firms actually gave me interview opportunity. I thought I could use my trilingual advantage to become an entry level public relations strategist. Well, I guess not.

As I am meeting different clients everyday now, I learn more about communication and marketing. The reason I became interested in public relations was that I realized the importance of accurate and efficient communication strategies play in promoting events, products, brands and corporates. Journalism taught me the power of words, both verbal and written.

Everyday I step up to new clients and give them the best pitch and my confidence. It’s like when I was in journalism classes when I called to schedule interviews with people I didn’t know and asked them deeper and professional questions. Now the roles switched: clients get to ask me those questions. I learned the consumer psychology and behaviors. Experiences teaches me to read their minds. It’s actually very fun to learn.

I am asked that why I am in marketing instead of reporting. Well, I will tell you this, I am having so much fun in learning about people in these two weeks. It’s awesome. ;)

What do you say?

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