School has started for many of you. I remember the nights I stayed in library writing paper and finally had to leave because I was hungry and couldn’t focus any more. Yes, I did stop by Jimmy John’s and Subway from time to time. Not gonna lie to you. But eating late at night isn’t healthy actually. If you choose to eat at late night, eat healthy. You will need your functional body to get through your semester.

Or if you are in the workforce like myself, you should try to stay healthy because you can’t afford to call in sick, and you know this is true to death. So, I offer you these midnight snacks that are healthy and easy to make. They are also inexpensive. Not only are they good snacks, but also good appetizers. Give it a try.

Don’t eat too much before bed though. I know they are very yummy to refuse.

1. Noodles & Ramens

Basic Ingredient: Noodles/Ramen/Udon, and Your favorite sauce


How can you not have noodles in your cabinet?

I am very sensitive to MSG (Though MSG enhances the flavors, I think natural flavors are the best); therefore, I almost never use the flavor pack. I usually boil noodles or ramen by itself and make my own sauce.

WAIT, don’t skip to next recipe yet. Making your own sauce is so easy. You must have those bottles of sauces in your cabinet that you use one at a time. This is the time you can be creative.

My favorite is sesame oil and soy sauce. If you like garlic, put some mixed garlic. The ratio should be something like 1:2:1 or 1:3:2 (Sesame oil: Soy Sauce:Garlic).

You can also substitute sesame oil with regular cooking oil, vegetable oil or olive oil. And microwave the mix sauce for 10 sec. Then just mix in with your noodles or ramen.

My recent favor sauce is dark vinegar, soy sauce and Korean chili paste. Chillies paste or hot sauce is totally optional. Then I topped my noodles with green onion, garlic, and Chinese picked stem (榨菜 Zhà Cài).

At last, if you don’t like to be creative in sauces or have a sensitive tummy, go for what you know you would definitely like.

Online Noodle Shop:
Yamibuy | This link will take you to the heaven of Asian ramen. So many different kinds to try.
Organic Ramen | In the picture, I actually use something similar to this.
Amazon | And, you always have Amazon to check out ramen!

2. Fried Rice Pancake

Basic Ingredient: Rice, eggs, and oil | Add-ons: anything you like!


Rice and turkey sausage pancake

In every Asian household, rice cooker is a necessity. My rice cooker is awesome! If you eat rice a lot, definitely get one. Rice is very cheap. Fresh cooked rice is much better than pre-packed rice sold in grocery stores. Also, rice cookers have non-stick surface and are easy to clean, much better than cooking rice out of your pan. So true.

So you need to make rice, of course. I put in turkey sausage. But if you like veggies, you can put in veggies as well. Sauté your favorite ingredients, such as onions, mushroom,beans, etc.

Then use a big bowl to whisk eggs with a pinch of salt. Then add in rice and sautéed ingredients. At this time, your rice shall be saturated with the eggs. Add oil to your pan, and pour in the mix. You will hear sizzling.

Once the bottom is brown, you can flip it. Also, you don’t have to be a chef, trying to flip the whole thing at one time. You can cut it to bite size with your spoon. That’d what I do and is super easy, and it makes me so proud of myself.

Of course, always welcome to eat it with your favorite sauce. Sriracha is awesome with this.

*This, I cooked 1 cup of rice and used 2 eggs.

Rice on Amazon | I eat about a cup of rice for one meal. When I eat rice nearly everyday, a 15lb bag of rice lasts more than a month for myself. They go as low as $8.99 at H-Mart.
Rice cookers | You can go fancy with the $140 rice cooker, or basic with a $13 one. They do the same job, except fancy ones can steam or make soup, etc.

3. Apple chips!

Basic Ingredient: Apple slices | Supply: Parchment paper (for I didn’t have any baking sheets) and an oven 


Apple chips. Don’t need to buy them in stores any more! Bake your own. Healthier and cheaper.

I love dried fruits and fruit chips. I had a few old apples before and wasn’t sure if they were still good. So I baked them. And they turned out AWESOME. You sliced them. The thinner you slice them, the more quickly they will bake and crispier.

Bake them at a low temperate, 270F. They get burnt easily at a high temperature. This was the temperature I baked them at for almost two hours. I took them out and they were still a little soft. So I let them air dried. Guess what, they became crispy! Well, Illinois is pretty dried in the winter with the heat and wind. If you are in a humid state, definitely bake them longer before they get burned.

Some recipes online you can dip them in a sugar syrup. But I tried it without; they are good too. So you don’t have to. I just prefer less sugar.

While you bake them, enjoy your TV show, a book, or get your homework done! You can even pack them with you the next day. How awesome is that!

Treat your tummy nicely and feed it some good healthy food. I hope you like my recipes.


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